Using Location Deeplinks and QR Codes

Location Deeplinks

After an asset (amenity, room, desk) has been configured, the deeplink will be available. Deeplinks allow you to create a URL that will link directly to a specific location, so employees can find it faster.

  1. Triple-click on the deeplink to select and copy it.
  2. Then paste it to the end of the Comfy app URL:
  3. Make sure to test the link before sharing it with anyone. You can also use the link to create QR Codes.

QR Codes

  1. To use the deeplink to create QR codes, simply use an online QR generator (there are lots of free options online) and enter the complete deeplink URL.
  2. Use your phone to test the QR code and make sure it opens to the right location.
  3. Save the QR code image.
    • You can share the QR code image as needed or print and post it on your location campus.
    • Employees can use the QR scanner in the header of the Comfy app (if enabled), or they can use their phone’s native QR scanner. In both cases, the link should open to the location on the Comfy map.




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