Create a new Neighborhood

You can create Neighborhoods in the Advanced Console. Super Client Admins and Client Admins can manage them in the buildings they have permission to access.

  1. In Advanced Console > Click gear icon > Search Building [select building] > Search Floor [select floor] > Click go icon 
  2. Scroll to the Neighborhoods panel at the bottom of the page.

  3. Enter and select fields.

    Enter a Name (limit 50 characters) and Description. Both the Name and Description will appear on the map, so make them meaningful to employees.


    Select the highlight Color for the neighborhood. Colors already in use on the floor will appear faded out.

    Visible without Access checkbox Select the checkbox to allow users to see the neighborhood on the map even if they do not have access to the assets within it.
  4. Click Save. Now you can add the neighborhood tag to assets.
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