Comfy Access Groups

Access to buildings and locations in the Comfy app is managed through access groups. These groups are often created for each building, but it is also possible to configure a portfolio-wide group that can be used across all buildings. Access groups are managed in both the Basic Console and Advanced Console.

Building-level access groups

Building-level access groups are created in the Basic Console and are unique to each building.

Portfolio-enabled access groups

Portfolio-enabled access groups can be used in any buildings within the portfolio.

NOTE: Only your Comfy team can create portfolio-wide access groups; please contact your support team with questions.

  • Depending on the local needs, access groups may include more than one user group.
  • When creating a new building, at least one access group should be created to use as a default. Your Delivery team typically creates three — one for rooms, desks, and non-bookable features — to help manage assigning permissions by feature and calendar association.
  • Access groups can be added or edited at any time.

Access groups and features

Access groups connect user groups to features. By adding a user group to an access group, users in the user group are granted permission to see and use those assigned locations and features in the app. Access groups can be assigned to these Comfy features:

  • Buildings
  • Light and air zones
  • Homepage cards
  • Rooms
  • Desks
  • Amenities
  • Calendar providers
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