Add an Amenity

Amenities are added and managed in the Advanced Console on the Floor Config page. They can be added one at a time via the Map View of the Floor Config page.

  1. Go to Advanced Console > Select Building > Select Floor >    > Location Type: Amenities > Map View
  2. On the Floor Map, double-click where you want to add the amenity. The Add Amenity pop-up displays.
  3. Select an Amenity category. Depending on the amenity category selected, a set of icons become available.
  4. Select the amenity icon you want to appear on the floor map.
  5. Enter Amenity details. Different edit options may be available in your Console view, depending on which features your Organization has enabled.
    Amenity size Enter a value for the icon on the map. What looks right for your amenities will depend on the size of the floor plan. A good value to start with is 15.

    Enter the name that will appear when an employee clicks the icon on the map. The name also appears in the Comfy app search results.

    Location Deeplink A deeplink will be auto-generated when saved. Learn how to use Location Deeplinks.
    Access Group

    Indicates which Access Group can view this amenity; all amenities must be assigned an Access Group to be accessible in the app. Learn more about Comfy Access Groups.

    (if enabled)
    You can add a neighborhood tag to the amenity. Learn more about Using Neighborhoods.

    If you need to take the amenity offline or restrict access, you can uncheck Visible and Show in Search checkboxes.

    • Visible – Check the box to display the amenity on the Map and List views.
    • Show in search – Check the box to ensure the room can be found in Search.
  6. Click Next to add more info. Or, click Save to close.
    • Details entered on the next page are visible when a user clicks More Info link on the Amenity pop-up in the app.
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