Change Building locations

You may have access to multiple buildings if you work on a campus with multiple buildings or travel between offices in different countries or cities.

The app allows you to change buildings so you can see the most relevant company and location information — and you can set your workspace location so your coworkers can find you in search.

NOTE: If you do not see a building where you will be working, you may need to request access from your organization’s facilities manager to have your access updated.

  1. Go to > home screen > Search 
  2. Enter search criteria.
    • You can Search for the building name
    • You can click Buildings to display a list of buildings you have permissions to access

      On the Buildings screen, you can filter by Country and City.

  3. Select the building where you are working.
    • The home screen for the selected building displays. The building will be logged in your list of Locations.

Example: Change your building location


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