Workspace Location - FAQ

Who can view my workspace location?

If you choose to share your workspace location with coworkers, they can find you in search results.

  • When you book a desk, the app will set that as your workspace location for the time of your desk booking.
  • You can also set your workspace locations manually. The app logs all your set workspace locations, a list only you can see.

Does the app track employee locations?

The app does not include tracking functionality (such as GPS or Bluetooth). 


If I move to a new workspace location, does the app automatically update to my new location?

The app does not include tracking functionality (such as GPS or Bluetooth). Your workspace is only updated in the app when you book a desk or manually update your location.


If I'm working from home or remotely, can I indicate this using the Find Coworkers feature?

The app currently does not have a “work from home” selection for workspace locations; however, we have plans to address this feature in the future.


Can I change my workspace location throughout the day?

You can update your workspace location as many times as you want throughout the day. However, you cannot change your location during a desk booking. When you book a desk, your workspace location is set automatically for the entire desk booking. When your booking ends, your location reverts to the location set before the booking.

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