My Workspace

You can use the My Workspace location feature to indicate where you routinely prefer to work or to show where you are working temporarily. You can set your workspace location from any place on a map.

You can set your workspace location as a room or another space, such as an open work area or cafeteria. Once set, your workspace location does not change unless you set a different location or book a desk.


Rooms_Desks_Icon.png  Desk bookings

Your workspace location is set automatically for your entire desk booking. When your booking ends, your location reverts to the location set before the booking. You cannot change your location during a desk booking.


Workspace_Loc_Icon.png  Room bookings

Your room bookings do not automatically update your workspace location and do not affect Coworker search results. However, you can set your workspace location to the room.


Power.png  Future desk bookings

Your workspace location will automatically update to the desk when your booking starts.


Share_-_Location.png  Update your location

You can easily update or remove your workspace location.


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