Request a temperature change

If your company uses Temperature zones, you can use the app to request a temperature change at your spot.

When you use the app to make a temperature request for the zone where you are working, Enlighted Connect logs your preference in that zone along with the time and day. Typically, Enlighted Connect will also send an immediate response to that zone to provide a bit of on-demand cooling or warmth.

Over time, Enlighted Connect learns your preference patterns and uses them to keep the space more comfortable. The more requests you make, the more Enlighted Connect learns, helping you to stay more comfortable while you work.

  1. Go to > Home screen > Location or Map to find your current location.

  2. Click on your location on the map to open details. Then, click Temperature.

  3. Select the Temperature change you want to request: WARM MY SPACE or COOL MY SPACE.

    • You can also “vote” to keep the temperature the same with I’M COMFY.

    • The VENTILATION icon indicates fresh, outside air is being delivered to the zone and may make the air a little cooler.

    • Scroll down to see your preferences and the trends for this zone.

  4. Verification of your request displays. You can help Enlighted Connect learn your preferences by periodically sending a request.

    • mceclip0.pngYou will need to wait at least 10 minutes before you can make another temperature request.


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