How to use Navigation Directions

Map directions make it easy to quickly navigate between campuses, buildings, and floors.

  1. Go to > Home screen > Map and clickon a room, desk, or amenity.
  2. Select Directions from here or Directions to here.

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  3. Use Search to find the ‘From’ or ‘To’ location you need directions for.
    • Filters can help narrow down the results.

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  4. Click through your search until you find the location you want.
    • This example searches a different Building.

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  5. Click Start Directions to begin the step-by-step navigation.
    • The navigational path between the two points is indicated by blue dots. If the start and end locations are on different floors in a building or across the campus, a partial path will be displayed, directing the user to the point where they must use stairs, elevator, a door, etc. to get to the next map screen.
    • The Accessibility button provides a continuous, unobstructed path that avoids stairs and connects all accessible elements and spaces in a floor, building, or campus.
    • The Reverse button allows you to swap the “to” and “from” points.

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  6. Click Next to continue steps.
    • A green Next icon indicates a transition between floors or buildings.

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  7. Click Done when you arrive at your destination.
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