Find Coworkers

How it works

The Comfy app allows you to search for coworkers who have:

Find a coworker's future bookings

You can also find coworkers who have booked a desk, searching by date and location to learn when they are coming into the office and where they are sitting. Users can see the location on the map so they can book a nearby desk. (Neighborhood filters can be used where this feature is enabled.)

See a coworker’s preferred in-office work days

For organizations that have enabled Preferred In-office Days, app users can set their preferred in-office work days so coworkers can see when they are likely to be in the office.

Find Coworkers

  1. Go to > Home screen > Search Coworkers or Find Coworkers card
    • A list displays, with names of coworkers (who have opt-in to share their location) who have reserved a workspace in your current building, on the day you are searching.
  2. Narrow your search:
    • Search for a coworker by name.
    • Search for coworker future bookings – Turn on the toggle to Only show the people with reservations. Then, you can narrow search results by date and/or Neighborhood (if enabled at your organization/building).
    • To search for coworkers in a different location, you will have to update your workspace location to a different building location.
  3. In the returned search results, click SEE ON MAP to see your coworker’s location, current or future desk bookings.
    • View Coworkers preferred in-office work days – if coworkers have set their preferred in-office work days, they will display below the coworker’s name.
    • The floor map displays, showing a pin where the coworker has reserved a workspace.
    • You can select a nearby desk to book.

Example: Find Coworkers from the Find Coworkers card


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