Book a Desk near a Coworker

You can book a desk near a Coworker for the same day and time as their booking. 

mceclip0.png Important: A coworkers reservations display only if they have opted in to show their workspaces to coworkers.

  1. Go to Search > Coworkers
  2. Select or enter the coworker's name. The coworker's desk bookings display.
  3. Click SEE ON MAP for the day/time you want to work together. The map displays desk availability for the date and time of the coworker’s booking.
  4. Select a desk near your coworker to view details.
  5. Click Desk booking. The date and start time of the coworker’s desk booking is auto-populated in the calendar.
  6. Click Complete booking.

Example: Book a desk near a coworker.


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