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How it works

You can find rooms on the map, or you can search for them based on location, availability, features, and neighborhoods (if they are implemented at your organization). And depending on how booking is set up at your organization, your bookings can be set up to sync with your calendar. You can also plan meetings with coworkers and include them on your room bookings.

If your organization has implemented Neighborhoods, floor maps will display areas of a building’s floor that include desks, rooms, and amenities. They are displayed as color-shaded areas on a floor map and typically indicate workspaces for a specific department or team.

Neighborhoods help you find a workspace close to the teams and coworkers you are working with on the day of your booking. To find a desk or room, you can search available Neighborhoods and see what workspaces are open for booking.

Find a Room on the Map

  1. Go to > Home screen > Location or Map
  2. Zoom in on your preferred area on the map.
    • You can toggle between floors to search the map on another floor.
    • If your organization uses Neighborhoods, click the Layers icon and make sure Neighborhoods is selected so you can see them on the map.
  3. Select a room by clicking on green circle and review the details.

    • If the room looks good, click Book Room.

    • Then, review your booking and complete steps to Book a Room.

Example: Find a room on the map and book a reservation.


Search for a Room

  1. Go to > Home screen > Search Icon  Description automatically generated
  2. Click the Rooms icon.

  3. You can search for keywords, such as whiteboard.

  4. Filter your search by selecting space traits such as Floor, Date, times, etc.

    • Results list only the rooms that fit your criteria.

  5. Select the room you want to reserve and click Book.

    • Review the room details and proceed with steps to Book a Room.

Example: Find a room on the map and book a reservation.


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