Check in to your Desk booking

How it works

If you reserve a desk that requires Check-In, and you have enabled Push Notifications, the app will send a notification shortly before your reservation begins.

  • The timing of this notification depends on your organization’s settings.
  • If your organization has enabled auto-release, you will need to check in to keep the reservation.

Check in from the app notification

  1. When you receive the Confirm Your Booking notification on your phone, tap it to open the app.

  2. Click Confirm Desk Booking to check in or cancel your reservation if you no longer need it.


Check in from the Scheduled Desk Booking card — for yourself or coworker 

  • If the booking is for yourself, you can check in on the My Bookings tab.
  • If your organization has implemented Delegate Booking, you can view desk bookings you have made for other coworkers in the Booked For tab. You can check in for the coworker on this tab.


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