The Location Intelligence APIs use Machine-to-Machine Authentication and Authorization with OAuth2.0 client credentials flow.

  1. End-user requests Enlighted for API access.

  2. Once approved, Enlighted will email the end-user with a Client ID and Client Secret.

  3. Request Auth0 service for a Bearer token using a Client ID and Secret provided by Enlighted.

Example request for Bearer Token

1 curl --request POST \
2 --url \
3 --header 'content-type: application/json' \
4 --data '{"client_id":<client_id>,"client_secret":<client_secret>,"audience":"","grant_type":"client_credentials"}'



1 {
2 "access_token": <access_token>,
3 "token_type": "Bearer"
4 }


Include Bearer token in the request header of the API request.

1 curl --header 'Authorization: <access_token>' --header 'x-dsp-selected-tenant-role: NA' ...
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