Location Intelligence FAQ


What prerequisites are required for Location Intelligence?

  • An Enlighted lighting system designed to meet Enlighted IoT design guidelines running on a cloud-based Energy Manager. The facility must be equipped with the latest Gen 5 sensor hardware.
  • Location Intelligence is powered by AWS using off-the-shelf asset and badge tags with BLE capabilities to communicate with Enlighted sensors.

How accurate is Location Intelligence?

  • There is no indoor location system that can provide 100% accuracy, 100% of the time due to physics and technology constraints. Multiple factors affect the performance of the BRI system, such as: sensor density, building material composition, number of tags actively in use in each area, and RF interference.
  • The room-level accuracy can increase to above 98% with 10-15s delay when rooms are well defined and have solid walls. The RF permeability of building materials, zone size and sensor density all have an impact on room-level accuracy. Unlike other RTLS systems which may experience degraded performance with thicker building materials, our machine-learning based algorithm with BLE fingerprinting benefits from solid walls. Reduced RF permeability helps identify the room with higher certainty.

Is historical location data available?

  • Both live time and one year of historical data are available on the Location Intelligence application, BlueGPS.
  • Location Intelligence APIs ingested by third-party software provide live data only.

How do I get estimate pricing for Location Intelligence?

  • Navigate to the Self-Service Portal [in progress] for an estimated quote or contact one of our sales representatives.

Where can I find more information about Location Intelligence?

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